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Publishing and Writing Seminars and Workshops

I designed these powerful, day-long seminars expecially for writer's club and writers' conferences, where those attending want the real-world answers and nuts-and-bolts how-to that then need. My seminars and workshops feature real solutions to real problems. Workshops are interactive, with generous time for questions and answers. Participants are encouraged to bring their own projects for anaysis and discussion.

To find out more, or arrange a briefer presentation, call me, Dr. Tom Williams, directly at
(800) 208-1969. Briefer one to three hour presentations are also available

Seminar I:
Secrets of Successful Freelance Writing

This powerful, fact-filled seminar that will revolutionize your writing life. If you've been knocking on the door to a successful freelance writing career, but getting few answers, I can help. As the author of thirteen books and hundreds of magazine articles, and as editor-in-chief of Venture Press, my own book and magazine publishing company, I know what it takes to succeed in freelancing. Attendees will leave my fact-filled, day-long seminar understanding the professional techniques and tricks of the trade that are the bedrock of a successful writing career—as well as the ability to use them. I show you how you can publish your articles, books and, yes, even poems, in top paying markets. I show you how you can do this regularly-- almost routinely--when you know the ropes.

Writers who attend the Secrets of Successful Freelancing seminar explore such practical topics as:

Seminar II:
Secrets of Self-Publishing: How to Publish and Sell Your Own Book

THE GOOD NEWS FOR WRITERS is that self-publishing has come of age. Independent publishing is carving out a niche for itself that is very respectable and very profitable.....when you know the ropes and do it right. In my How to Write and Publish Your Own Book Seminar I tell you everything you need to know write and publish your book. When you do it yourself, publication is guaranteed! This nuts-and-bolts, step-by-step information is authoritative and it is complete. Furthermore, it is interactive. Participants are encouraged to bring their own projects for analysis and review.

Topics include:

All day workshops typically last from 10 A.M. (Coffee and introductions at 9:30), with lunch from noon until 1 (networking time), and continued instruction/workshop until 4PM. Half-day workshops run from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M.

My fee for an all-day workshop is $1000, plus expenses. My fee for a half-day workshop is $750, plus expenses.

Many writer's clubs and workshops finance their workshops with enrollment fees. Call for details.