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Writer's Mentor Resource Links

Listed below are carefully selected links to web sites of interest to writers and publishers. If you know of other sites, particularly those dealing with the business of periodical publishing, which would be valuable additions to this list, please email your suggestions to Pubmart at the following address: tom@PubMart.Com.

Editor and Publisher Online. http://www.mediainfo.com/ E & P Magazine is the trade journal of the newspapeer industry. This is a rich resource for newspaper publishers. Also contains archives of the no-long published magazine, Free Paper Publisher.

Folio Magazine http://industryclick.com/magazine.asp?magazineid=125&siteid=20 Whatever your forte — editorial, circulation, advertising, ad sales, or management — Folio brings you the latest trends and techniques for successful publishing. Each issue is required reading for the entire publishing industry.

Association of Free Community Newspapers. http://www.afcp.org/ The Association of Free Community Papers (AFCP) represents publishers of more than 1,000 free-circulation community papers. If you are a publisher of a free distribution periodical, you will be interested in the learning the benefits of membership in AFCP. Go to the site and look over the AFCN newsletter, Ink.

The Tool Shed: http://hometown.aol.com/catspawpress/ToolShed.html In this fine resource site, publisher/writer/teacher Pat Bell provides a rich, very useful collection of introductions and links to web sites every publisher should know about and use.

Midwest Book Review website is a supersite with a great many links of interest to writers and publishers. http://www.execpc.com/~mbr/bookwatch/

Steve O'Keefe, leading guru of internet publicity maintains a supersite at the following URL: http://marketing.tenagra.com/pubnet< /A>

Publishing Production and Consulting (Pete Masterson's Site) offers much help to all contemplating independent publishing. http://www.aeonix.com

For everything concerning International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) and ISSN (serial numbers), go to: http://www.reedref.com/

Navigate the Library of Congress site for the latest information on copyright. You can even download copyright registration forms if you have Acrobat Reader on your computer. http://lcweb.loc.gov/

Newspaper Association of America: http://www.naa.org/ This site is a great resource for locating email addresses of newspaper editors. I looked for such a site for a long time, and finally found this one by following a link from the Writers Center supersite. I looked up my local metropolitan paper, The Miami Herald. I clicked on the link in the NAA site and searched it by state, choosing Florida. The screen immediately showed a list of almost all the newspapers in Florida. I clicked on the Miami Herald and the home page of that newspaper opened up. There I found an internal link called "feedback." I clicked on that, and there before me was the email address and telephone number of each department in the newspaper, from arts and leisure, to sports, to business. Such a site will help you build a very effective electronic mailing list for your email news releases. When you are scheduled for a reading or a talk in another town, you can utilize this list to quickly send out news releases to the print media.

Bookwire: http://www.bookwire.com/ Bookwire provides up-to-date news on the publishing industry, including links to Publishers Weekly. Articles on major industry happenings week-by-week.

The Postal Service: http://www.usps.gov/ncsc/ Need a zip code? Go to this site and enter the address. The zip code will appear in seconds.

Judith Appelbaum's "How to Get Happily Published" site.: http://www.happilypublished.com/ Judith Appelbaum established this site as a spin-off of her popular book of the same name. The site provides many tips and much valuable know-how from a true publishing professional.

Kathy Rapp http://www.katscan-ocr.com/other.htm helps you the writer, write better. Taking your finished draft and going over it, letting you know where your problem areas are and suggestions on how to correct them. (I do not edit books, I mentor you the writer.) Fiction novels, children's picture and young adult books.

National Endowment for the Arts: http://arts.endow.gov/ This important site carries news of the availability and the awarding of grants to regional and local organizations, as well as addresses and links to local and regional web sites. Poets, more than any other writers, depend on grants to support their publishing activities. The NEA site should be regular reading for them.

The American Society of Journalists and Authors: . http://www.asja.org/ Although the members of ASJA are mainly writers of non-fiction, this site is of considerable interest to all other writers as well. Especially interesting is its "contract watch," which reports of contract disputes between authors and publications. It goal is to promote and protect the work of all writers.

Gropen Associates http://www.GropenAssoc.com answers publishers' questions. Our consultants will answer your financial, accounting and general business questions, large or small, while our site offers extensive resources on other topics. No matter what you want to know, this is where you start.

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